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This is a new departure for this site (14th October 2018) and we would be really interested on your feedback through our Guest page.

In general, the whole emphasis of English Freemasonry is one of openness and fun. We recognise and honour our founding Brethren and the difficult times they passed through, and now look forward to a new era driven forward by our more junior Brethren. If this is something you might relate to, then we wish you well on your Masonic journey.

The basic precepts of Masonry have been tested and strained to no avail across the past 300 years, and our membership numbers continue to grow worldwide, showing that all the sometimes rather risible theories of the unknowledgeable person have not prevailed. If you are someone looking at Freemasonry and seeking the actuality of life within the Brotherhood, forget the various (admittedly rather exciting and well-written) romances and adventure novels as sources of knowledge, and go to the people who know and understand. Try CLICKING HERE.

Freemasonry has always been about making good men better. Individuals aim to shape their lives round five core principles:- 

Integrity: We say what we mean and we keep our promises. 

Kindness: Although our families come first, we believe in playing a key role in our communities and give time and money to charitable ventures. 

Honesty: We pride ourselves on openness, about what being a Freemason means for us. 

Fairness: We treat everyone as equal – we listen to others, explore any differences and look for common ground. 

Tolerance: We respect the opinions of others and behave with understanding towards them.

The well-known characters of Fred Flintstonec and Barney Rubblec epitomise the brotherly love of Freemasonry.

No doubt some readers are interested in discovering what they think are the famous "Freemasaonic secrets"

Yes, there are parts of our meetings that are strictly restricted to our Brethren, and so denied to those not members, but this is the same as in many other membership groups. This PAGE LINK will take you to a large amount of relevant information. 

Please do ask further questions as they occur to you. For instance, as for me and many other Masons, one of the first questions asked of applicants is "Why do you want to become a Freemason?"  Those pages will help you focus on your reasons and help you answer that question.


The Royal Army Ordnance Corps evolved to the Royal Logistic Corps. As our famous Regiments and Corps naturally evolve over time, so has our Lodge. We are no longer closed to men with no connections to the RAOC or RLC but welcome applications from all men who fall within the Freemasonic criteria.


Saturday 10th October 2015
saw us celebrating the Lodge's 50th Anniversary of our Consecration. This was an especially  interesting and memorable day including the Initiation Ceremony of a Lewis by his Father, and we were pleased to greet many visitors from both MetGL as well as Provinces.  After a sparkling ceremony in Temple 10 of Freemason's Hall, sixty-three Brethren sat down in brotherly harmony to a first class dinner in the world famous Imperial Hotel, which has played host to so many Lodges over the years.

In our October 2018 meeting, we welcomed our newest Brother, and look forward to the Lodge being taken forward into the future by our younger members.

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