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Posted by David Bennett on 04/10/2018   Email

Fraternal Greetings to all Brothers for this site. My admiration for all members having served in RAOC and those who served in The Village at AD later is of the highest respect. Especially for Peter G, Kevin G and George H. It has been an honour to peruse this site. Thank You. DB

Posted by Andrew Maddison on 04/12/2016   Email

Fraternal greetings and best wishes to your Master, Wardens and Brethren from the Master Brethren from Tees Lodge No509 in the province of Durham. As a RAOC veteran and a Mason it is so nice to learn about this lodge.

Posted by Geoff Knights on 18/02/2015   Email

Fraternal greetings and best wishes to your Master, Wardens and Brethren from The Lodge of St Cuthberga No622 meeting at Wimborne in the Province of Dorset. my late father Maurice (Mak) served with the RAOC following his service with the RASC. Although not a Mason he took great interest in our Lodge and would have been delighted to learn of yours. Geoff Knights PProvGStB

Posted by Allan Clark on 28/01/2012   Email

13 years RAOC from 1978 to 1991 - SSGT

Posted by Colin Henry on 26/01/2012   Email

Never knew until now that the RAOC had a lodge. Pleased to find that out.

Posted by Ian Bennett on 31/12/2011   Email

Fraternal greetings from Lodge Of Industry # 48. N/E England. Good site best wishes to you all for 2012

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